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Georgia Jail House Dogs
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Georgia Jail House Dogs (GJHD) is a unique rehabilitation program for inmates and homeless dogs. A start-up non-profit organization incorporated to rehabilitate Georgia 's county jail inmates and local shelter dogs through a good behavior incentive program. Providing county inmates a new sense of self-worth with skills to care for and train at-risk shelter dogs to become more adoptable to loving and caring homes. GJHD goal is to have as many Georgia county jails participate in the program that improves communities and spreads awareness to rehabilitate both inmates and dogs. The success from this “prison dog” program encourages inmates to reach for a new leash on life and give a sense of unconditional love that can change Georgia’s communities not only by lowering crime rates, but recidivism as well. Also, inmates gain additional vocational skills, so when they are released, they will be enabled to seek employment with the knowledge dog care, grooming, and training. Most importantly, at-risk shelter dogs of all kinds gain the ultimate prize of program participation. GJHD utilizes every county’s euthanasia list to give a second chance at life for dogs and carefully selects inmates that match the GJHD participation criteria. Our community’s homeless dogs that enter the program from local county shelters get the chance of a lifetime to become highly adoptable and be the number one pick for loving and caring homes. The dogs undergo a three to six week program of humane training and upon completion become Canine Good Citizens. When a dog completes the program, a special graduation ceremony is held for each class of dogs and is certified to be a highly trained canine citizen. Also, offering the opportunity for the community to become involved with the GJHD program through dog sponsorships and donations to the GJHD program within its county jail.
Gordon, is a highly motivated individual who never lets never be an option. In 2004, Gordon earned the Rank of Eagle Scout and in 2005, graduated with honors from high school. In 2008, he began studying business administration at Gainesville State College. While he was pursuing his education, he struggled with incorporating his passion for animals and their welfare as well as care for the common good of his community. He was very fortunate to get involved with other animal welfare specialists and embark on the steps of GJHD. What makes this cause so near and dear to his heart, as a college student, Gordon found himself on the other side of the law. Due to his misfortune, he observed the jail systems did not have inmates actively doing anything but consuming tax payers’ dollars. He sought the vision to make county inmates more productive and actively help the animal community through a program like GJHD. Thus giving inmates a chance to redeem themselves and save the lives of loving animals. Gordon is now actively seeking a degree in animal welfare and hope to make Georgia a better place through GJHD.
Georgia Jail House Dogs, Inc.

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Executive Program Director
Executive Program Director
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Offering a new Leash for Georgia's County Inmates and Unwanted Shelter Dogs to have a 2nd Chance Opportunity in Life!
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My name is Thomas Luksis. I am 29 years old. I am very ambitious and hard working towards my meeting my set goals. I take pride in my work as well as the daily duties of maintaining my organization. I am very passionate about helping others and seeing them succeed in life. I have many years of experience in sales and account managing and I will continue to strive and be the best I can be for my family, my company, and myself. I once found myself on the other side of the law but was given a second chance at life by going through the Teen Challenge Georgia International program. It's a minimum 12 month commitment that took me about 18 months to graduate. In the end, it was all well worth my efforts, Teen Challenge changed my life. I am on a much better path now. Recently, I became involved with a Non-Profit (501c3) Organization named, Georgia Jail House Dogs, Inc. I believe what the Jail House Dogs program is doing is truly incredible. I think everyone deserves that second, or even third chance in life. I feel good about being a part of an organization that just does much more than simply give dogs a second chance at life, but helping those that are incarcerated gain a new incentive on living a happy, productive life also. I am proud to have achieved the title of Chief Financial Officer and Director of Fundraising with the Georgia Jail House Dogs organization and I encourage everyone to check out what Jail House Dogs are all about on all Social Media Mediums!